Big changes on the horizon... FINALLY.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 |

Before I start with my bitchfest for the day I must make note of something amazing... I felt DEFINITE baby movement for the first time today!!! <3

Now on to the vent... Today I am venting to set up my GREAT news though. Not just to complain. =P

 The best way I can sum up my living situation at the moment is HELL. I make the most money in my house, I pay the most of my money to bills, for this financial contribution I am awarded the smallest area of space and I get stuck doing the most cleaning BY FAR of all of the people in my house. It is struggle to stay on top of the mess and destruction that is my husband, his sister, and his nephew. My husbands sister and her boyfriend and son moved in with us two years ago this month. They gave him a big sob story about mold and violence and horrible conditions at their apartment and he fell for it and told them they could move into our two spare bedrooms and help us with rent.

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. These people are the kind of people that you see on Cops getting the po-po sent to them because they live in such filth that some anonymous family member calls to have a welfare check done. At the end of the segment you see the big fat hairy shirtless man and the whiny greasy woman in a bath robe and spandex shorts yelling at the cops to give them back their kids and crying because they don't understand why their 270 lbs of garbage scattered through their house is a good enough reason to take them away. Let me tell you, the cops never happened to them, but the rest is NOT an exaggeration of how they lived. It was quite frankly... Disgusting, dangerous, and not fit for ANYONE to live in, much less a child.

And they moved into MY beautiful home.

Last year the dead beat boyfriend finally found his escape and took off leaving my husband's sister and nephew here with no way to support themselves and no apparent ambition to do so. *I* had to basically hand her a job, *I* had to fight for her to get hours, and *I* have been the housekeeper for the whole brood for the last 2 years. No matter how many times I write on the white board on the fridge, or call a family meeting, or just break down and scream about how I need help and I shouldn't have to clean up after not only someone ELSE'S kid, but two grown adults besides myself, nothing worked with the sister and nephew. My husband, thank FSM, has gotten better, but his small contribution to the filth that seems to magically appear EVERYWHERE isn't the biggest problem.

So, finally the sister got full time at work. She finally makes enough money that she can afford her own place. There is no excuse that she couldn't afford to support herself, no turning it around us to make us seem like the bad guys if we are tired of dealing with her shit and want her to move out, no encouragement from other family members to hang in there a little longer because they were scared she would move out of my house and in to theirs. FINALLY we can ask her to leave. Only one problem stood in our way... My husband was too much of a push over to tell her that. He has been putting it off and putting it off because he doesn't want to deal with it.

Well guess what pregnancy is great for! Pushing that soon-to-be-daddy out of his comfort zone with some guilt! When I realized that the sister and spawn staying in our house until the end of the school year meant that I would NOT get to make a nursery for this baby, I had a meltdown. (Sidenote: The sister and nephew SLEEP TOGETHER EVERY NIGHT... let me tell you, the nephew is WAY too old for this to be cute, comforting, or understandable in any way. It is creepy, and gross, and super annoying because she still expects him to have his own room to mess up even though he NEVER sleeps in it.) I couldn't handle the idea that after all we have been through I would have to give up making my baby a nursery because the moochers hadn't moved out yet. It broke my heart.

The hubs told them that they have to go. =D I AM SO EXCITED. I seriously can not wait until the day comes that my house is my OWN again!!!!!! The plan is to give them two months TOPS to save enough for a deposit, find an apartment and GTFO. Come October I will be the happiest girl in he world!! Bring on nesting baby!